About Premium Safety Docs

Premiumsafetydocs.com offers a wide selection of products that consist of Docs, PDF’s, PowerPoint and Programs for a variety of needs. We offer “boiler-plate” safety solutions for businesses that are looking to save time and money on getting compliant as quickly as possible with their safety program. These Docs, PDF’s, PowerPoint and Programs can be edited with Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat (Pro or XI) editing software, but can also be altered with some advanced software’s by the consumer, for more advanced customization. Premium Safety Docs also offers high quality customizations with Company Logo and Company Branding that are suitable for commercial printing, presentations, brochures, newsletters, reports, etc.

However we encourage employers to use our safety meeting topics for regular documented safety meetings and use trained ASP’s or CSP’s for comprehensive safety training requirements.

Yes, if you register for our Membership you can download every product in the Member download area of Premiumsafetydocs.com for the term of your membership without any additional charges. This does not include the download of all of our Complete Customized Programs or potential Limited or Exclusive items for this price; however, we provide these high-quality Complete and Programs at unbeatable prices as well.

Our products are delivered in a variety of formats. Some come in Word formats, some in high quality PDF format, some in PowerPoint format some come as HTML files. You should check either the individual image description, or read the descriptive paragraph at the top of each category page to determine what is in the product that you are interested in for the exact description of what type of files are included with that specific document or program. Almost all safety material is in MS Word format so you can edit or revise as needed. If it is not and you need it, please contact Premium Safety Docs and we will assist you in getting it.

Yes. Although Premium Safety Docs will only create new inventory that it believes to be of a superior quality, we update as frequently as possible, usually several times a quarter.

Yes! Premium Safety Docs offers an affiliate program, and pays affiliates a healthy 50% commission on all sales referred. You can sign up to become an affiliate here: https://premiumsafetydocs.com/index.php?page=affiliates.

At certain times Premium Safety Docs may from time-totime offer complete customized programs for specific compliance requiurements of vendors.  These may include ISNetworld, PEC Safety, FMCSA (Transportation, Medical etc.) Once you have downloaded an item from Premiumsafetydocs.com or if you have purchased a product from any of our Complete Customized Programs and/or potential Limited or Exclusive or programs, documents otherwise, we cannot offer a refund for any of these items due to the nature of “digital delivery”. The purchase is complete and full for immediate use by the purchaser.  Premium Safety Docs has no guarantee or proof of digital destruction or non-use of the digital product by the consumer.  You are held responsible for understanding upon your creation of a Premiumsafetydocs.com membership or purchase of a Premiumsafetydocs.com Complete Customized Programs or potential Limited or Exclusive item. The reason for this policy is because we offer full access to our entire digital collection of member products and, as such, there is no way for our products to be returned. On a rare occasion, if no products have been accessed, we will make exceptions on a case by case basis, however this is not applicable to renewal purchases where products have been previously downloaded or to Premiumsafetydocs.com Limited Items. Premium Safety Docs reserves the FULL RIGHT to make the FINAL decision on ANY potential refunds.

However, Premium Safety Docs wants you to be satisfied. 100% satisfaction guaranteed! If you are not happy with your safety docs or program just contact Premium Safety Docs through the contact page on our website and we will be happy to work with you and correct the issue.

Yes, Premium Safety Docs is located, and operates in the USA and Founded by a Military Veteran.

Rights and Usage

Customized Program:

If you select to purchase a Customized Complete Program, then you may only make changes to those documents or products for the single entity it was designed for. This means you may design pages and other material for your personal training program, or your business training program, or your employer’s training program, or your mother’s training program, but you may not make Customized Complete Programs for all of them. The personal license you purchase will be for one entity. However, you may still develop and alter unlimited pages for any one entity.

Restrictions for All Memberships:

You may not simply download templates and other products to share with your friends or colleagues, you may not sell the templates at auction sites such as ebay, you may not offer the templates for download from your website, and you may not sell the template as-is without having customized the template for your client’s website (also remember that client usage is only allowed with a Customized Complete Program), nor distribute the safety documents through associations  (this means if you own an online website, you may not make the templates part of a collection for your customers to pick from and edit). Additionally, you must also register your company within your account purchase to document their authorized use of the product. Additionally, our documents and programs may not be distributed or displayed as part of any archive, media disk, catalog, auction, or the like. Finally, our products may be used for both commercial and personal use, as long as they conform to the restrictions indicated above. Because Premium Safety Docs offers a unique high value service of premium safety solutions and materials, it reserves the right to review accounts for the risk of potential misuse.

For complete licensing information, please review the Premiumsafetydocs.com Membership Agreement

No, your purchase entitles you to a license to use the products royalty free in accordance with the rights, restrictions and conditions indicated in the license you receive, and indicated above, but we do not grant exclusive rights for items downloaded from our member section. Only Customized Complete Programs may have Ownership or limited restrictions.

There are no hidden fees on Premium Safety Docs. When you purchase a Premium Safety Docs Member Safety Membership, you will have full access to download templates from the membership section of our website without any additional fees. If your purchase is for a ustomized Complete Program, you can also download all of the products in the Member Safety section in addition to the potential Limited or Exclusive section. Limited or Exclusive edition products are sold one at a time.

Yes. When you purchase an item as a part of the Customized Complete Program of Docs, PDF’s Power Points and Programs, etc.,, this affords you a full license to use this item in any way you choose. In other words, you may provide these items as works to your clients, but only ONE client may purchase this work from you, because your license only provides you with this one-time use option. You must purchase another Membership to re-distribute a Customized Complete Program item again.  Additionally, if you are using these Docs, PDF’s Power Points and Programs, etc., for yourself or your compny the same terms of use apply. Therefore, the benefit is that you are still able to receive our high-quality items at our lowest prices that are beyond compare with our competitors, while only having the items circulated to a minimal extent.

Having said the above, with the cap that we are placing on these Customized Complete Programs and items, each purchase will have to go through a verification process. This process typically takes between 24-36 hours to confirm the validity of a transaction, and is put in place so that we may continue to deliver these high-quality items at our unbeatable price to our legitimate buyers. These Customized Complete Programs and items will be delivered through special links provided by Premium Safety Docs.

No. Because you are purchasing a end-user license, it is not necessary to provide any credit back to Premiumsafetydocs.com. However, while we do not require any recognition to Premium Safety Docs, we would be more than happy if you would like to promote the benefit you received from our site to others. Please look at our Affiliate section to understand how to earn on advertisement assistance.

No, sharing an account is no different than distributing our materials to others. Individual accounts must be purchased by your friends and colleagues. IP addresses can be monitored. Abuse will not be tolerated.

Suspected violations of our terms will lead to an investigation into the situation, contact with the individual involved with the violations, account suspension, account termination, or other actions deemed necessary depending on the nature and severity of the violations, if we are unable to confirm the validity of the activity. Premium Safety Docs may also update its terms from time to time, and it is your responsibility for reviewing the FAQ and licensing information.

Premium Safety Docs may review for terms of service violations based on but not limited to: A pattern of behavior or activity on the Premium Safety Docs website, abuse reports sent into Premium Safety Docs by other individuals, violations discovered by Premium Safety Docs employees, or any other method deemed necessary to protect the intellectual copyrights of Premium Safety Docs or ATM Services, LLC.

Premium Safety Docs does not allow participation by websites or individuals that participate in warez, hacking, cracking, malicious computer crime, shareware, or fraud, or any other material or activity that is sees as illegal or conflicting with its program.

Yes. You are permitted to continue to use any item that you have implemented from Premium Safety Docs before your expiration, even after your account has expired. However renewing your account will provide you with continued access to new products that may be added each day or each week.

Yes, general contractors, government entities, and customers often require submission of a contractor’s safety manual before they are eligible for bidding. Many of our customers arrive to esafetymanual.com for this very reason and go on to complete the bidding process and ultimately secure the desired contract.

A safety manual is a manual containing an organization’s safety policies, procedures, rules, and individual programs. It lays the groundwork for an organizations occupational safety and health efforts and helps eliminate or minimize the presence workplace hazards.

No, OSHA does not approve or disapprove safety manuals. You should be suspicious of any company who claims to sell an “OSHA approved Safety Manual”. However, our safety manuals do meet federal and state OSHA plan minimum requirements (including CAL/OSHA IIPP minimum requirements).

Yes, workers’ compensation insurance carriers in certain states offer discounts if you have a company safety manual. For this reason, customers are encouraged to submit our safety manuals and request a discount on workers’ compensation insurance premiums. Just one more way the safety manual pays for itself many times over.

Product Delivery and Access

After you signup and login, click the button that says “member download” which is located underneath your desired product. You will be presented with the direction of direct download.

If you are looking for information as to the delivery process for Customized Complete Program Items, please review question 2-4 above under the Rights and Usage section. These Customized Complete Programs and items will be delivered through special links provided by Premium Safety Docs.

Because of the high fraud plaguing this industry, all orders are reviewed for signs of fraudulence before accepting any order. Once an order has been reviewed and confirmed by a human representative, your account will be activated. This process will be completed as quickly as possible, but activation time will vary depending on time of day, the volume of orders awaiting processing, the users adherence to submitting verifiable and legitimate information, as well as other factors. Premium Safety Docs business hours are 9 am to 4pm Monday thru Friday. However, many times your order will be processed within the same business day or weekend day as Premium Safety Docs receives notification of purchase.

This is typically the result of your computer not setting the cookie our website sends properly. Therefore, in order to correct this issue you will likely need to do one of the following things:

1. The web browser security or privacy setting may be too high (this setting should not be set past medium).

2. You may be behind a firewall that is blocking our cookie.

3. You may be using a web proxy that is filtering the cookies and preventing them from reaching your computer.

4. The cookies may be completely disabled in your browser.

Additionally, our login is case sensitive, so be sure that you are entering your username and password exactly as you did when you signed up for your account.

If you still experience difficulties after trying all of the above solutions please contact us at:https://www.premiumsafetydocs.com/support/index.php

If Premium Safety Docs is unavailable for technical reasons, we are not responsible or liable for any damages during any downtime, or defects on the site during this period.

There are usually two possible reasons why users cannot download their products:
1. The most common reason why users cannot download their product(s) is because the user did not save the Microsoft Word, PDF or PowerPoint document to a designated folder in their computer before editing or modifying it. If you are seeing “compatibility” warnings while attempting to save any of the file(s) please close all open document(s), re-open the document from the download page, “save as” to your computer, close the document, then re-open the document to make modifications, save & print.

2. Another common problem users have is “unzipping”, “extracting”, or simply dealing with “compressed folders. At times, Premium Safety Docs will send ZIP files with larger Customized Programs. If you were bounced from the download page and are trying to download the product(s) from the automated email we sent you then you must deal with the compressed folder containing your product.

Most computers come with software that deals with compressed folders automatically while some do not. If you cannot retrieve your document(s) from within the automated confirmation email (products are also emailed automatically) please try to open and save a copy of the “compressed folder” which you downloaded from our automated email to your computer. Then right-click on the compressed folder and select “extract all”. Once you have done this, you will now have a standard folder containing all of the documents saved on your computer.

If you were not able to right-click or “extract” from the compressed folder you probably do not have the free software on your computer that deals with compressed folders. You can download this software for free at:http://download.cnet.com/7-Zip/3000-2250_4-10045185.html. This particular brand of file compression software is safer and superior to others on the web so we recommend this over any other free product you might install.

If you still cannot retrieve or use your document(s) don’t panic! We are here to help and can usually have a solution emailed to you within a few minutes. Please send us an email from the contact page or give us a call and we will work as quickly as possible to get you all fixed up! Please use the contact form during evening and weekend hours.

To change your email address please use the Contact Us link on our website and notify us that you need to change the email address. We will need contact info to verify accuracy and ownership of the account.

You can update your password by clicking the “Forgotten Password” link in the Members Login Area at the top of the page. Once there you will be able to update your account information accordingly.

If you are somewhat of a novice at utilizing these type of items or you are versed in being able to modify to some degree, but are just experiencing difficulties, please review our tutorials located at:http://www.premiumsafetydocs.com/phpshop/Lessons/ These tutorials should provide you with all the tools you need to get started using our items.

Due to the increase of the amount of fraudulent transactions in this industry and on our website daily, we have had to implement a pending period to allow our staff to confirm all transactions before account activation. This action has been implemented to retain the unbeatable value afforded to you through your Premium Safety Docs membership. It is usually the same business or weekend day.

It is possible that you are blocking a registration cookie on your computer that carries information needed to complete your checkout. Please ensure that your privacy level in your web browser is set no higher than medium, to set this cookie, and if the problem persists contact support@premiumsafetydocs.com for account assistance.

This will depend on how you set your subscription up when you join Premium Safety Docs, however if you choose a renewing subscription, then this can be cancelled from recurring at any time. First, a credit card transaction will never automatically renew. However if you select a paypal subscription and would like to later cancel the subscription before it rebills, you can do so by following these instructions:

Cancelling your subscription

You can cancel a subscription up to the day of the next scheduled payment.

If you want to cancel a subscription:
1. Log in to your PayPal account.
2. Click History at the top of the page.
3. Find the subscription in your History.
4. Click the Details link for the subscription.
5. Click the Cancel Subscription button.

Please note that once a renewal payment has been processed, it may not be refunded.

We currently accept U.S. dollars only but check back as we are looking into new payment options. The order form allows you to “pay with” all major credit cards. Your product will not only be available for instant download but will also be emailed to the email address you provide.

You will be automatically redirected towards the download path after the payment has been made.

Please check your spam folder for the email from Premium Safety Docs.

If by any chance you are still not able to download files, please reach out to us using the contact us at support@premiumsafetydocs.com.

Downloading Limitations

Yes. You may not use a 3rd party script to access our site or downloads. Any attempt to automatically download our content in this way will result in the automatic suspension of your account.

Warranties/Assumption of Risk

Premiumsafetydocs.com and all Materials are made available to you – AS IS – AS AVAILABLE, and – WITH ALL FAULTS -. Premiumsafetydocs.com its employees, directors, and officers and anyone else associated with Premiumsafetydocs.com and ATM Services, LLC. makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, including without limitation warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. Premiumsafetydocs.com further makes no representation or warranty that your usage of Premiumsafetydocs.com will be uninterrupted, error free of computer viruses, or other damaging materials. When you login to your account, and access Premiumsafetydocs.com, you do so at your own risk.

You expressly agree that the use of all images, files, templates, or software distributed by Premium Safety Docs is at your sole risk. Premium Safety Docs does not warrant or guarantee that files, templates or images on the website are free from copyright or other intellectual property concerns.

Premiumsafetydocs.com, its employees, directors, and officers, or anyone else associated with Premiumsafetydocs.com and ATM Services, LLC. shall not be liable for any indirect, special, consequential, economic damages including but not limited to loss of revenue or profits, arising out of the use, or inability to use, the Docs, PDF’s, PowerPoint and Programs and Materials. Premiumsafetydocs.com, its employees, or related parties, will in no event be liable for any damages to exceed the amount paid by you for accessing or using Premiumsafetydocs.com, and for accessing, acquiring, and/or using Materials from premiumsafetydocs.com

You agree to fully, indemnify, and hold harmless Premiumsafetydocs.com, its employees, directors, officers, and any other entity associated with Premiumsafetydocs.com, and each of its successors, licensees, and assigns free and harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, costs, losses, damages, expenses, including attorneys fees and expenses, arising in connection with Your use of the Materials and this website or of any breach or alleged breach of any representation, warranty, or other promise made by You in this Agreement.

You acknowledge that this agreement expresses the parties entire understanding and agreement, and that there have been no warranties, representations, covenants, or understandings made by either party to the other except as expressly set forth in this agreement. ATM Services, LLC reserves the right to modify or terminate these Terms of Use without notice, and You agree to be bound by any such modified or terminated Terms of Use.